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Intro Divulga

We believe that the knowledge is the real strategic partner of those who want to act with competence and concreteness. With these aim, Divulga employs a team that includes academics, experts from sector, representatives of both European and national institutions.
Several products can be created, from papers to reports, from focus to exclusive notes and surveys on the new balances of a world difficult to define in its evolution.

The Scientific Committee of Divulga consists of national and international professionals.

For further information, please contact us: info@divulgastudi.it


Paper, Focus, Rapporti

This section collects all the products with English pdf attachments.

The economic, social and environmental costs of food waste

This Paper aims to focus on the key facts and figures concerning the increasingly pronounced dichotomy between food waste and world hunger…

Precision feeding and environment

This first focus delves into the contribution of animal nutrition, which is considered one of the main functional areas to improve the environmental sustainability of animal production…