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We believe that the knowledge is the real strategic partner of those who want to act with competence and concreteness. With these aim, Divulga employs a team that includes academics, experts from sector, representatives of both European and national institutions.
Several products can be created, from papers to reports, from focus to exclusive notes and surveys on the new balances of a world difficult to define in its evolution.

The Scientific Committee of Divulga consists of national and international professionals.

For further information, please contact us: info@divulgastudi.it


Paper, Focus, Rapporti

This section collects all the products with English pdf attachments.

Volatile markets and uncertain supplies

The paper delves into the effects generated by this first year of the war, which saw the commodity supply scenario reshaped…

From the market outside the walls to the market inside the walls, up to the market without walls and the market in the network

Paper analyzes the importance in the present and for the future of farmers’ markets, not just places of sale, but new “agoras of food”…

Food that’s disguised and misleading labelling models that threaten health, consumers and businesses

In ultra-processed food, the raw materials used are manipulated and processed with the addition of chemicals that are harmful to health. The consumption of this food is growing dangerously with health…

What the globalization of trade and the separation of rules produce

While war and pandemics urge an increase in production, EU strategies could paradoxically result in an increase in imports from countries with lower environmental, health and social standards than our…

Climate change and infrastructure delays exacerbate the concerns for the environment, citizens and businesses

The planet is facing an evident transformation in climatic conditions and extreme weather events have increased significantly in their frequency and scale. In recent years we have repeatedly heard of…

Gaps in standards, health and environmental concerns

The current geo-political framework, and the consequent socio-economic effects, have put the trade agreement between the European Union and Mercosur – which aims to expand trade between Europe…